McKayla Longest receives 30 days in jail for Stalking charge

McKayla Longest receives 30 days in jail for Stalking charge

By Scott Bidroski

The final chapter of an ongoing saga within the local legal arenas has come to a conclusion.

McKayla Longest was sentenced to 30 days in Sheridan County Jail on Thursday, April 13 stemming from a plea deal she accepted.

Longest pled no contest to the charge of Misdemeanor Stalking.

Longest’s husband, Bryan Longest, recently received 24 to 28 years in prison for a sexual assault that occurred in 2022. While in prison, Bryan and McKayla’s phone calls were recorded.

According to the Affidavit for Arrest, in the recorded conversations the couple can be heard creating plans to call Child Protective Services (CPS) on an individual who had filed sexual assault charges against Bryan.

A phone call was then placed to CPS from a phone number that was confirmed to be McKayla Longest’s cell phone.

A recording of the phone call to CPS was also acquired by the Gordon Police Department and upon listening to the audio, Lt. Joseph McGough confirmed the individual was McKayla Longest.

Upon the collection of all this evidence, charges were filed against McKayla Longest for her actions.

She was originally charged with False Reporting, Tampering with witness or informant, and Stalking and harassment. As a result of her plea deal, all other charges were dropped except for Stalking and harassment.

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