Nielsen Insurance opens its fifth location in Gordon

Nielsen Insurance opens its fifth location in Gordon

By Scott Bidroski

The business of insurance is not new to the building at 224 N. Main Street in Gordon but a new name is donned across the sign on the front.

Officially on June 1, 2023, Dane Nielsen from Nielsen Insurance purchased Strong Insurance and has just about completed the transition.

This location in Gordon is the fifth Nielsen Insurance office in Nebraska. And for the owner Dane Nielsen, he is excited to be on Main Street in Gordon.

“I’m really excited about being on Main Street and I cannot believe how busy Main Street in Gordon really is,” said Nielsen.

“I could have been a remote business and done this whole thing remotely. But one of our mottos is ‘First in Service.’ We like to be present and be there for our customers in the event of a problem or accident,” he added.

The Sandhills lifestyle is not foreign to Nielsen as he was born and raised 91 miles east of his new office in Valentine, Neb.

Wedding bells then rang for Nielsen, as he married a Neligh, Neb. resident and moved to her hometown.

In 2005, an opportunity to purchase Heckart Insurnace in Neligh was presented and Nielsen made the jump into the insurance business.

Subsequent purchases of a Valentine office in 2014 and a Clearwater and Tilden, Neb. offices in 2019 then followed.

And the final purchase has now taken place in Gordon, making it five total locations for Nielsen Insurance.

“We have access to all the companies that Strong Insurance had access to, so nothing has changed on the companies side of things,” said Nielsen.

In addition to those same products, Nielsen Insurance is excited to bring a few new ones as well.

Crop Insurance is now available to existing and new customers alike, along with Livestock Risk Protection and Rainfall Protection.

“We are kind of excited to open that market up in this area. Everything will pretty much be the same as before, with a little bit extra,” added Nielsen.

Sherry Brink is the first employee for the Gordon location, with a few more qualified individuals being sought for the Gordon office.

A quick note, there has been some issues with the transition in the phone system. Nielsen encourages anyone to call him on his cell phone, 402-750-3747, if there experience any issues. He hopes that a fix will be completed very soon.

The regular office number is 308-282-0560 as well.

To introduce the new business to the area, an Open House is schedule for Tuesday, August 15 beginning at 10:00 a.m.

Refreshments and snacks will be available for anyone who wants to stop by and a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place with the Gordon Chamber of Commerce at 12:00 p.m.

“We want to keep things local and I’m happy to be in Gordon and keep the business running,” said Nielsen.

“Strong Insurance began in 1932 and we want to keep it going and help everybody out as much as we can.”

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