1973 Naval Class travels across Sheridan County during nationwide trip to remember classmates

1973 Naval Class travels across Sheridan County during nationwide trip to remember classmates

By Scott Bidroski

In celebration of their 50th anniversary of graduation from the United States Naval Academy, the class of 1973 is embarking on an amazing journey.

This journey brought them into Sheridan County on Friday, September 1 after completing the 48.5 miles from Chadron to Gordon.

The riders, along with members of their support team, met at American Legion Post #34 upon completion of that day’s leg.

This journey began for this group at Navy Heights on Friday, August 4, 2023 in Astoria, Ore.

The trip from Chadron to Gordon was officially Day 29 for the Ride-2-Remember.

The plan is complete the ride on Thursday, October 5, 2023 in Annapolis, M.D. This date also marks the first day of the planned 50th reunion activities.

According to their website, the primary purpose of the Ride-2-Remember is to honor their fallen classmates by symbolically gathering each to Annapolis for the reunion.

During each day’s ride, a dedication will be made to one or more of their deceased classmates.

Following their stay in Gordon on Sept. 1, the journey continued as the group embarked upon their longest day of the trip; 91 miles to Valentine, Neb.

On September 12, another group of U.S. Naval Academy graduates will also be in Gordon. That group is the Class of 1983 and they are riding to promote awareness for Veteran suicide.

Class of 1973 member Doug Leland is excited to be leading the way across the country for this group.

“Tell the Class of 1983 we’ll leave the light on for them,” said Leland with a chuckle.

If you are interested in following the group, they are posting multiple daily updates on their Facebook Page. This includes the travel for the day along with which classmates they are honoring. The name of the Facebook group is: USNA 1973 Ride-2-Remember

A general overview with details about the reunion and ride is also available at:


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