Proceedings of the County Commissioners

Submitted by James Krotz - August 20, 2012

Present were Chairman James Krotz, Commissioner Jack Andersen and County Clerk Sindy Coburn.   Commissioner Dan Kling was excused.

Meeting as the Board of Equalization the Commissioners approved the minutes of the Property Valuation Protest Hearings concluded on July 23.

Assessor Trudy Winter informed the Board that she would be entering the 34 omitted properties on the 2013 tax list.  The Assessor and/or her staff discovered these unreported properties, valued at approximately $700,000.  Property owners should remember that Nebraska law requires that they report to the Assessor any new buildings, additions, improvements or removals.

Ms. Winter reported that the value of “centrally assessed” property in the county (railroads, utilities etc.)  increased by $4,000,000 since last year.  This additional tax revenue generated by this increase in value will help the Board meet the challenge of balancing the budget for the coming year.

The Board of Commissioners approved a resolution allocating real and personal property tax to various political subdivisions within the county.  To the Agricultural Society - $50,000.  To the County Historical Society $6,530.  To Special Road Districts #31, #33, #36 and #43 - $0.00.  County Tax Authority was not granted to the following subdivisions where voters chose to approve a separate levy for their Tax District:  Gordon Hospital District – BOND Fund, Gordon Hospital District – GENERAL Fund, Hay Springs Fire District, Heart of the Hills Rural Fire District, Gordon Rural Fire District.

Approved a resolution transferring $100,000 from the Inheritance Tax Fund to the Building Fund.

Road Superintendent Kuester reported that all projects on the one-year portion of the County’s “One and Six-Year Plan” had been completed.

All meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome. The proceedings and complete minutes of past meetings are available in a searchable database at

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