Mountain Lion shot near Rushville

By Ang Gilchrist
Sunday morning started out routine at the home of Jeff and Melissa Jaggers (located four miles east of Rushville), but by 10:00 a.m. it was making for  quite an eventful day.
As 10 year old Mikayla ran around the side of the house, she noticed the family dog, Molly, staring intently at a tree near the chicken coop.  Mikayla followed the dog’s gaze up the tree and was shocked to see a mountain lion stretched out on a limb that overlooked the chicken coop, not more than 10 yards from where she stood.
Mikayla quickly back-tracked around the house, running to alert her dad, Jeff, who was tinkering in his shed.  Jeff and Mikayla both headed to the house; Mikayla to safety and Jeff to get his gun.  
The mountain lion was shot out of the tree and  retreated into the thick trees, where it was soon tracked down by Molly, a lab/border collie mix with a good nose.
Jaggers said that he and a neighbor both had chickens killed recently, but they had blamed a red fox that had been spotted in the area.  With the mountain lion actually laying on a branch overlooking the chickens, he may have found the culprit to the recent kills.
The male mountain lion was estimated as a two-year old that weighed 105 pounds. It was collected by Game and Parks officer Heath Packett for further testing and analysis.
There has been an increase in mountain lion sightings  in the area since the Wellnitz Fire that burned several thousand acres. If you see a mountain lion, you are asked to contact the Game and Parks Department or local  Sheriff’s  Department.

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