Help from a distant neighbor

By Jordan Huether
The support given to our community following the recent fires, from both within the community and from afar, has been nothing short of incredible. Stories will be told for many years to come of the generosity shown to us in our time of need. One such story is of Fred and Marge Iburg of Hickman, Nebraska.
The Iburgs first came to Sheridan County when the Nebraska Passport Program brought them to Gordon in July, when they instantly fell in love with the community’s charm. This year’s Passport Program consists of 80 stops across Nebraska, each of which will give you a stamp on your passport for visiting. Participants can then get prizes for collecting various amounts of stamps throughout the summer.
After seeing the damage the Wellnitz Fire had done to our area, the Iburgs felt they needed to do something for the community that had shown them such kindness on their first visit. Marge immediately started making and gathering blankets to bring for the fire departments and anyone else who may need them. Rather than shipping the items, they decided to take another road-trip, with Gordon as their final destination.
Last week, the Iburgs arrived at their destination and presented the items to City Manager Fred Hlava at the Gordon City Office. Hlava stated that, “Fred and Marge Iburg exemplify the most basic premise of rural life, and that is ‘help and give to those in a time of need.’
Their thoughtfulness and generosity will be greatly appreciated by all of the firemen and volunteers who have made great personal sacrifice to help preserve the production and beauty of the land we all love.”
Marge is also planning to make a quilt which she will donate to be raffled off locally, with the money going toward the fire relief effort.

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