County Commissioners 11-19

Submitted by James Krotz - November 19, 2012

Present were Commissioners Jack Andersen, Dan Kling and James Krotz and Deputy County Clerk Geri Landreth.

Acting as the Board of Equalization the Commissioners approved two correction sheets presented by County Assessor Trudy Winter:  approved the acceleration of taxes on a mobile home sold by Jerry Halverson and moved to South Dakota: approved the acceleration of taxes on personal property sold by the Lazy K – Bar Land & Cattle Company to Rising R LLC.

The Board accepted the resignation of Tom Shaal from the County Planning Commission. Mr. Shaal recently moved to Alliance where he serves as the Publisher of the Alliance Times Herald.   The Commissioners are very grateful for his many years of service to the County.

In consultation with Road Superintendent Kuester the Board set Monday, December 17 at 11:00 a.m. as the date for the hearing on roadside mowing charges.

Richard and Rita Anderson met with the Board to discuss health insurance coverage during Richard’s leave of absence from the Sheriff’s Department.  Mr. Anderson’s insurance is covered through the time of his anticipated return to duty.

R.D. Suthpen and Ed Dentler, members of the Board of the Heart of the Hills Fire District met with the Commissioners to ask about the means of funding fire districts.  Some residents were concerned that they were being taxed twice for fire protection – once by the County and again by the local Fire District.  The Commissioners explained that the County budget no longer includes tax support for local Fire Districts.  The Fire Districts are no longer granted levy authority by the Board of Commissioners but go directly to the voters in their district for the approval of their proposed levy.  

Stacy Swinney, Commissioner from Dawes County, informed the Board of the upcoming meeting of the State Judicial Resources Committee.  Mr. Swinney plans to testify before the Committee to renew our case for the assignment of a judge to fill the vacancy left by Judge Plantz’s retirement.  He asked for and was granted permission to present statistics from Sheridan County on caseload and prisoner days in the County Jail.

The Board will NOT meet on Monday, November 26.  The next scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, December 3 at 9:00 a.m.

All meetings are open to the public and visitors are welcome. The proceedings and complete minutes of past meetings are available in a searchable database at

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