Come on, get greedy!

By Clint Andersen

When was the last time you did something truly selfless?  You know, picking up the tab for a total stranger at a restaurant, giving up your seat for a pregnant woman, or spending time at a retirement home or care center?  Imagine how it would feel to help someone in need this Christmas. 

“Giving Christmas to Kids” is a program to help parents provide Christmas presents to their children when they are in need.  The program is being coordinated by Cali Robart of the Rushville Pump and Pantry.  Cali had seen similar ideas work in other communities and thought it would be nice to do something similar in Rushville.

Here’s how it works: needy children or parents fill out an application and turn it in to one of three locations: April Halverson at the Rushville Preschool, Chris Heiser at Sides and Milburn Ford or the Syndi-Cut.  Ornaments with each child’s information will be placed on Christmas trees located at Yoba’s Tavern, Ideal Market, Horizon West Dental, Security First Bank, The Syndi-Cut, and the Rushville American Legion.

Cali is asking folks who want to help a needy child to take an ornament from one of these trees, purchase a gift, wrap it with the ornament attached and return it to the merchant where they picked up the ornament.

Applications need to be returned by December 12, and gifts should be returned to the merchants by December 22.

Giving to others who really are in need is one of the greatest feelings there is.  So go on, get greedy for that awesome feeling and do something wonderful for a child in need!

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