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Progress continues on Gordon Theater as opening date nears

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By Jordan Huether

There’s been a lot of activity at the Gordon Movie Theater recently, with work being done on both the inside and outside of the building to make final preparations for the installation of the new equipment.

The interior walls have been sheetrocked, primed and painted, the drop ceiling grid is in, and the installation of the fire sprinkler system is just days away. The sprinkler system, a $25,000 donation from Bob Dehn of Front Range Fire Protection, must be put in before the new seats, screen and projector can be installed.

All of the equipment is here and ready to be installed, so the non-profit Gordon Community Theater, Inc. still hopes to be showing feature films in 2017. The new theater will feature plush new bucket rocker seats; a laser driven, high definition digital projector; full digital surround sound; and will be able to play feature films within a week or two of their release. The theater will also feature a small stage with audio and video connections so it can be used for speakers, seminars, conferences, recitals and more.

Thanks to the countless hours of volunteer service by Fred Russell, Jason Harding, the Mustangs Committed group and many others, the walls are sheetrocked, textured and painted, the bathrooms have been reconfigured to meet ADA compliance, an area of refuge has been created for public safety and many other improvements have been made. 

Follow the theater on Facebook to stay updated on the project as it nears completion.


Gordon Theater moves forward with purchases following big fundraising weekend

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By Jordan Huether

It has been a big week for the Gordon Movie Theater. On Thursday and Friday of last week, the Albany 4-H club held a yard sale fundraiser to help the theater purchase seats, raising $632 for the cause. Then, Open Range Beef helped put on a meat sale and hamburger feed at the theater Saturday which raised another $9,400, putting the total for the week over $10,000.

A long line had already formed at the meat sale before the meat had even arrived at the scene. By noon, only two of the four cuts of organic, grass-fed beef remained. At the end of the day, every single piece was spoken for. 

Thanks to the tremendous support received from these two events, and the hundreds of other donations received up to this point, the GCTI board was able to move forward with purchasing brand new rocker seats for the theater and a new high definition, laser driven digital projector. The theater will also be getting new surround sound speakers, a digital sound processor and a new screen.

Final cleaning from the demolition will be taking place in the next few weeks, followed by painting and installation of a drop ceiling in the front area. A new fire-suppression sprinkler system will be installed by Bob Dehn of Front Range Fire Protection, a $25,000 donation.  Once final approval is given by the fire marshal, new acoustic ceiling tiles will be put in throughout the building and new LED lighting will be installed by Kratovil Electric.

Once all of the finishing touches are taken care of, the theater will be opened to the public. Because the official opening date depends on the timing of several outside factors, no specific date has been set. The GCTI board anticipates the doors to open somewhere between the end of July and early September 2017.

If you would like to have a hand in rebuilding the theater, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 605-899-2862.

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