Gov. Ricketts vetoes proposed aid increase for families

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - Gov. Pete Ricketts has vetoed a proposed increase in government aid for low-income families, calling it well-intentioned but unsustainable.

Ricketts said in his veto letter Wednesday that the legislation would deplete the money available in existing block grants by 2020 and create a budget shortfall. The Republican governor says he’s willing to work with senators toward a longer-term solution.

The bill by Sen. Kathy Campbell of Lincoln would increase monthly payments to families participating in the Aid to Dependent Children program.

Under current law, a family of two gets $293 a month plus $71 for each additional person. Formula changes under the bill would increase the average payment by $112 a month.

The group Nebraska Appleseed says the support hasn’t increased in nearly 30 years.

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