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Don’t lose your cool - hot weather tips for those traveling by car

With warm weather temperatures upon us, AAA reminds motorists to always carry a small cooler in your vehicle with bottles of cold water.  Vehicle breakdowns frequently occur when temperatures are near triple-digits.  Tire blowouts, ruptured hoses, overheated engines and broken fan belts are just some of the common problems that occur.  If you frequently leave your vehicle parked in direct sunlight, use a protective windshield sun shade.  It will help keep the front seat, steering wheel, and safety belt latches cooler to the touch.  If you are transporting a child safety seat or booster seat in your vehicle, always place a blanket over the units when they are not in use.  Metal latches and plastic vinyl can become dangerously hot when exposed to direct sunlight.  Placing a child in a hot seat may result in serious skin burns.  If you notice a person or family stranded on a Nebraska roadway, ask a passenger to dial *55 on their cell phone to reach the Highway Helpline.  Be prepared to provide the law enforcement agency representative with a description of the vehicle along with the disabled vehicle’s location or nearest mile marker number.

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