Nebraska State Fair to show ag in different shapes, sizes

GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (AP) - Agriculture displays at this year’s Nebraska State Fair will come in different shapes and sizes, from trading cards to the newest farm machinery.

Organizers say the public will have a chance to ride inside a combine and watch antique tractor and machinery demonstrations.

A movie theater inside a grain bin will show a video about Nebraska agriculture, and a professional chef will demonstrate how field crops can be used in home cooking, according to the Grand Island Independent ( ).

In addition to the regular equipment displays, visitors can also collect up to 10 agriculture education trading cards from locations around the fairgrounds. The cards are “about the size of a baseball card, so they’re easy to carry around,” said Kelsey Brozek, the fair’s events and entertainment assistant.

This year’s fair runs from Aug. 28-Sept. 7.

Another agriculture-related attraction, Brozek said, is “Raising Nebraska: Your Food and the Families Who Grow It” in the Nebraska Building. The project includes a combine simulator, an interactive kiosk where people can learn about livestock and a graph that shows the elevation of Nebraska.

Facilities Manager Jamie Parr said agriculture equipment has been more heavily integrated into the fair since the event moved from Lincoln to Grand Island six years ago.

“The fair is all about Nebraska and celebrating what we are at our core, and what we do in our state is a lot of agriculture crops as well as livestock components,” Parr said. “I believe that the revival of agriculture has really revived the fair as a whole.”

Representatives from the Department of Agriculture and partnering agencies, including the Soybean Board and the Beef Council, will speak to the fairgoers about commodities and cook with the foods.

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