Mission of Mercy serves 830 patients during free dental days

By  Ang Gilchrist
The seventh annual Nebraska Mission of Mercy(MOM) was held in Alliance on July 13-14. People from as far away as Kansas and Colorado began forming a line by noon on Thursday to ensure their spot to receive free dental services provided through MOM. According to the Alliance MOM Community Chair, D.N. Cork Taylor Jr, D.D.S., over 120 dentists and hygienists from Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, South Dakota, Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska (including  a busload of dentists and students from the UNMC College of Dentistry in Lincoln) merged on Alliance to provide fillings, cleanings, denture work and other dental care to people in need.  
At the end of the two-day event, 830 patients were treated and over $100,000 was raised in cash and donations towards the MOM event. Previous Nebraska MOM locations have been in North Platte, Norfolk, Mitchell, Omaha and Grand Island. Since the first event, over 8,000 patients have received over $3.3 million in free dental care. The 2013 Nebraska MOM will be held in Lincoln, Neb.

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