Dynamic Fire Behavior on the Longhorn Complex Fire

St. Francis, SD- New information phone lines have been established. The public is encouraged to please call 605-747-2046 or 605-747-2707.

 Last night the fires on the Longhorn Complex were very active. Dynamic fire behavior, driven by winds and dry thunderstorms, have caused the Iron Shell Fire to double in size.

A lightning strike is believed to be the cause of a newly ignited fire, the South Crazy Horse Fire. This fire is located east of the Iron Shell Fire and is estimated at 150 acres. Resources are responding, constructing fire lines and providing structure protection.

The evacuation notice issued at midnight last night for the residents of the Upper Cut Meat area, has been lifted today, allowing residence to return home. Spring Creek Community residents remain evacuated from their homes. The Evacuation Center at the St. Francis Indian School Gymnasium remains open. To date, no residential structures have been lost.

Today’s weather forecast predicts a series of changing weather conditions to move through the area into the evening. Shifting winds and dry afternoon thunderstorms, will affect today’s fire behavior.

Crews on the Beads Creek and Iron Shell fires will continue to provide structure protection and construct and improve fire lines, as they battle to protect homes, natural and cultural resources. Longhorn Fire crews will be working to improve lines in the area of BIA Road #5. Ground efforts will be supplemented with air support. Four Type 2 and one Type 3 helicopters are assigned to the fire, and tankers based out of Rapid City will be providing retardant drops. Two Seats and 1 Type I Helicopter are ordered and two National Guard Blackhawk helicopters will be working the fire today as well.

Currently, BIA 30 and BIA5 are closed into Spring Creek Community.

The Beads Creek Fire is estimated at 6,034 acres and The Longhorn Fire is estimated at 1,414 acres. Size of the Iron Shell Fire is being determined. Containment for this complex of fires is at 25% percent. Lighting is the cause of all three fires.

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