Evacuations in progress on Region 23 Fire Complex

Residents living on Highway 385 between Chadron City Dams and Red Cloud Camp Area are being asked to evacuate as soon as possible. The evacuation order covers both the east side and west side of Highway 385.
Law enforcement officers will be knocking on residents doors asking them to leave. They are asking that if you have small pets in your home to please take them with you. If you have larger animals let the officer know and they will contact the proper authorities to come and get your animals.
Fire conditions are right for the fire to push against Highway 385 from the west along the evacuation area. Though it has not happen as of yet conditions are right for the possibility of the fire to jump Highway 385.
Fire crews are making every effort to stop the fire and protect property in the fire area but mother nature is not cooperating. If the fire were to jump highway 385 residents will not have time to collect their personnel belongings.
The decision for these evacuations was made by federal, fire, and law enforcement authorities to ensure the safety of residents in the area.

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