Cleanup begins on Region 23 Complex Fire

Firefighters continue to make progress on containment. The Douthit Fire is 95% contained having burned 29,730 acres while the West Ash fire is 65% contained with 58,450 acres consumed. Today fire fighters efforts focused on patrol, and mop-up, rehabilitation of dozer and fire lines in affected areas.

As residents return home after the Complex 23 Fire evacuations they may find their homes and lawns have been impacted by fire retardant, an important tool in fighting fire.

Fire retardants are used in fighting the wildfires and are primarily water-based and have U.S. Forest Service approval.

Cleaning Up:
·        Dry retardant may require some scrubbing with water or power washing. A mild soap may also be used to help remove the retardant. Allow the surface to dry fully and repeat as needed to ensure that play structures and surfacing is free of retardant.
Once washed off, allow a few days for sunlight to help break down the remaining chemical compounds and allow the fire retardant to be absorbed into the ground.

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