Pine Ridge man indicted in fatal beating

PINE RIDGE, S.D. (AP) _ A 21-year-old Pine Ridge man has been indicted on a first-degree murder charge related to the fatal baseball bat beating of a man on the reservation.

Kyle C. Yankton pleaded not guilty Friday to the murder charge and a count of burglary.

An FBI special agent says in a probable cause affidavit that Yankton went to his ex-girlfriend's house on June 30 looking to speak to the woman and ask if her current boyfriend, Pablo Galindo, was there.

The affidavit says Yankton


A Nebraskan's View: Nebraska to the Rescue When Wildfires Hit

By Senator Ben Nelson

 Did you know that Nebraska is home to the nation’s oldest federal tree nursery? It’s located in the Nebraska National Forest, and yes, Virginia, there is a national forest in Nebraska and it houses an active seedling nursery that is in the National Register of Historic Places.

Some visitors only see our state while driving through on I-80 and think of us only as the nation’s breadbasket with our fertile farm and ranch lands. When they get off the Interstate they’ll see so


US Labor Department’s OSHA cites Nebraska Prime Group in Hastings, Neb., for 11 violations after worker fatality at meat packing facility

OMAHA, Neb. ‒ The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Hastings Acquisition LLC, which operates as Nebraska Prime Group, a meatpacking facility in Hastings, for 11 safety violations. OSHA opened an inspection after a worker had become caught in a machine and was asphyxiated on Jan. 18.
“It is unthinkable that an employer would allow employees to work in and around dangerous equipment that lacks machine guarding,” said Charles E. Adkins, OSHA’s


No Till Notes - "Two Thirds"

By Mark Watson, Panhandle No-Till Educator
From the reports I’ve gotten there has been significant rainfall around our region over the past several days. The rain and cooler temperatures have been a welcome relief from the hot and windy conditions over the past several weeks. Our farm has missed out on a majority of the rain as we have only had a quarter of an inch. Sounds like the hot weather will return shortly just in time for our field pea harvest.
During our field days around the Panhandle


Tribe asks feds to re-examine reservation deaths

Associated Press

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) _ Oglala Sioux tribal officials want federal authorities to reopen investigations into 16 more unresolved deaths and disappearances at a South Dakota reservation, including one dating back nearly 50 years, a lawyer for the tribe said Wednesday.

Tribal officials presented the list of names to U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson during a meeting in Rapid City. The list adds to the 28 deaths on or around the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation that


Missing Nebraska girl returns home safely

McCOOK, Neb. (AP) _ Authorities say a Nebraska teenager who went missing has returned home unharmed.

The North Platte Telegraph reports that 15-year-old Kathryn ``Katie'' Brawdy was found north of Stratton, a small village in Hitchcock County about 35 miles from McCook. Brawdy was reported missing on Thursday.

McCook Police Detective Larry Kinne says Brawdy, of McCook, was brought home safely. Authorities say they are still investigating her disappearance, but offered no other information.


Stink bug numbers high in Nebraska corn, soybeans

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ Nebraska farmers are being warned about the relatively high numbers of stink bugs in fields of corn and soybeans.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologist Bob Wright says the plants are sensitive to stink bug injury during their reproductive stages, so farmers should be watching for the bugs.

Stink bugs feed on plants and other insects by piercing and injecting the plant or insect with digestive enzymes, then removing fluids from the plant or insect.

More information


Sheridan County Opened for Both Emergency CRP Haying and Grazing

RUSHVILLE, NE July 13, 2012 — “Sheridan County has been released for emergency haying and grazing of eligible CRP acres due to the current drought conditions”, according to Sandy Orr, County FSA Executive Director. The CRP emergency release for 2012 is effective Monday, July 16th . Haying activities must be complete on August 31st and the bales removed from the fields by October 15th.

Grazing operations must be completed the earlier of: September 30th or when the required stubble height


Capitol View-Debate on Debates is Déjà vu All Over Again

By J.L. Schmidt - Statehouse Correspondent, The Nebraska Press Association
If the debate is about debates, it must be the U.S. Senate race in Nebraska. And, it must involve former Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey.
Such discussion is nothing new. Only the Republican candidate has changed.
Nearly a quarter century ago, Kerrey tangled with short-term incumbent Sen. David Karnes, R-NE, about the number of debates. The year was 1988. Now he is tangling with Republican candidate Deb Fischer about

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