Stink bug numbers high in Nebraska corn, soybeans

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ Nebraska farmers are being warned about the relatively high numbers of stink bugs in fields of corn and soybeans.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln entomologist Bob Wright says the plants are sensitive to stink bug injury during their reproductive stages, so farmers should be watching for the bugs.

Stink bugs feed on plants and other insects by piercing and injecting the plant or insect with digestive enzymes, then removing fluids from the plant or insect.

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Sheridan County Opened for Both Emergency CRP Haying and Grazing

RUSHVILLE, NE July 13, 2012 — “Sheridan County has been released for emergency haying and grazing of eligible CRP acres due to the current drought conditions”, according to Sandy Orr, County FSA Executive Director. The CRP emergency release for 2012 is effective Monday, July 16th . Haying activities must be complete on August 31st and the bales removed from the fields by October 15th.

Grazing operations must be completed the earlier of: September 30th or when the required stubble height


Capitol View-Debate on Debates is Déjà vu All Over Again

By J.L. Schmidt - Statehouse Correspondent, The Nebraska Press Association
If the debate is about debates, it must be the U.S. Senate race in Nebraska. And, it must involve former Governor and U.S. Senator Bob Kerrey.
Such discussion is nothing new. Only the Republican candidate has changed.
Nearly a quarter century ago, Kerrey tangled with short-term incumbent Sen. David Karnes, R-NE, about the number of debates. The year was 1988. Now he is tangling with Republican candidate Deb Fischer about


The Lost Trailers to be at Sheridan County Fair and Rodeo

The Lost Trailers is a country music duo of songwriter/producer Stokes Nielson and collaborator Jason Wyatt. Nielson’s first record using the name The Lost Trailers was an album entitled, “The Story of the New Age Cowboy”, which was discovered by Willie Nelson in the spring of 2000. Nelson was so impressed with the album that he invited The Lost Trailers to perform at his legendary 4th of July Picnic.
Using that show and others with Nelson as a launching pad, The Lost Trailers rose from a hard


Forage following winter wheat: What are the options and production costs?

By Jessica Johnson, Ag Economics Extension Educator, Gary Hergert, Soil and Nutrient Management Specialist UNL Panhandle Research and Extension Center
Drought in western Nebraska has strained rangeland and other forage production. For some wheat producers, this is a unique opportunity for additional income.
Area cattle producers are creating demand for reasonably priced forage, as alfalfa prices reach and exceed $180 per ton in western Nebraska. Wheat growers might consider two post-harvest



On Wednesday, July 11, Nebraska’s Senator Ben Nelson introduced a taxpayer fairness bill to end the substantial federal subsidies that an elite number of livestock producers receive, saving American taxpayers about $1.2 billion. His bill requires that the Secretary of the Interior work in conjunction with the Secretary of Agriculture to set livestock grazing fees on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and National Forest System public rangelands at rates comparable to those found on nearby private


Gov. Heineman Expands Roadside & Early Haying Efforts Due to Drought Conditions

(Lincoln, Neb.) Gov. Dave Heineman today has expanded early roadside haying statewide due to current drought conditions. In addition to expanding early haying in 25 counties, applications to hay all Nebraska roadsides will now be open to all citizens.
The Governor directed the Nebraska Department of Roads to advance the starting date for all roadside haying to July 16, where the previous effective date would have been August 1. Under current rules, the abutting landowner has the first


A Lot of Talk About Cattle on Public Land

Recently, there has been quite a bit of discussion about ranchers grazing their cattle on public lands.  Some facts have been shared but unfortunately so have a lot of untruths.
Nebraska Cattlemen would like to share with you some factual information about the grazing of cattle on public lands.

How much public land is grazed by cattle?

-       In Nebraska, less than 1.25% of the land is owned by the government.  While not all of this land is grazed, some of it is grazed by cattle owned by cattle


Nebraska crops suffer in last week's extreme heat

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) _ The quality of Nebraska's corn and soybean crops is suffering because of the recent warm, dry weather.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday that crop conditions continued to decline in the state last week when temperatures were several degrees above normal.

About 47 percent of Nebraska's corn crop is in good or excellent condition. That's much lower than the average of 81 percent good or excellent that's typical at this time of year.

The soybean crop is also in

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