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Funeral services for Elaine Talbot of Rushville, Neb. will be held on Thursday, Sept. 29, 2016, at 10:00 a.m. at Chamberlain Chapel in Chadron with Rev. Al Trucano officiating. Burial will be at approximately 11:45 a.m. at the Extension Cemetery by Whiteclay, Neb. She was 92.

Elaine Talbot passed away at Pioneer Manor in Hay Spring, Neb. on Sept. 26, 2016.

Ardis Elaine Kuskie was born right in the middle of the eleven children born to Frank E. and Bessie Butler Kuskie, on Feb. 14, 1924, in Beaver City, Neb. She never went by her first name but preferred Elaine. Her 8 sisters and 2 brothers are as follows: Eleanor Elizabeth, known as Betty, who married Johnny Dolezal; Dorothy Louise, who married Walter K. Stewart; Francis Carol, who also went by her middle name Carol, married Joe Warren; Naomi Bernadine, who married Anton James Krotz, brother to Rosemary Krotz; Frank E. Kuskie Jr. who married one of Elaine’s best friends from high school, Rosemary Krotz; Mary Pauline, known as Polly;  Donna Jean, who married Russell Lynn Alcorn; Lella Irene, who married Charles Kuchera; Infants – Bonnie and Bobbie.

Elaine and her family moved from Beaver City, Neb. following Bessie’s brother, Irving Butler, (who was a lawyer) to the Rushville area. The young family lived in a farm house that still stands 3 mi. north of Rushville on Highway 87 on the east side of the road.

A few years back Elaine was reminiscing and her eyes twinkled when she spoke about her mother and dad hosting the teachers from Rushville for a Christmas party at their home. After dinner, her dad took them all for a ride in a horse drawn sleigh. With bells jingling, the sleigh glided over the crisp December snow in the moonlight. Mother Bessie had a library set up in their home and Elaine spoke often about poetry that was memorized and recited, as well as, the three and four column sums that they added in their heads just for fun.

Between September 1931 and January 1933, Elaine experienced an extreme loss. First, her one month old baby sister Bonnie passed away. Then in August, her little sister Polly took ill from an infected tooth and passed away at the hospital in Hot Springs, S.D. January 1933 brought more sadness with the loss of her mother, Bessie Agnes and new born baby brother, Bobbie. After her mother’s death, Elaine and her siblings had to move to a two room house across Highway 87 on the west side and just north of the CC Johnson farm. Elaine commented in recent years that it was “very difficult”.

Elaine found comfort in helping the neighbor lady, Mrs. Johnson, milk her cows even though she had plenty of chores at home to do. After graduating from Rushville High School in 1942, Elaine took Normal Training, which allowed her to teach grade school.

Her first school was north of Rushville and included students with the last name of Nyffler and also Cliff Robins. Elaine ended up teaching at Extension School District 129 after that and lived with Tim and Evelyn Hotz. Tim always called her Janie. Among her students were her future son-in-law, Johnnie Hotz, and his older sister, Judy. Also she taught her niece, Crystal Stewart, and a young lady by the name of Loraine Greenwood.

At one point in time, she was introduced to a young farmer by the name of Johnnie Talbot. Elaine’s sister, Naomi, was teaching at Craven Creek School and made the introduction at a dance in the basement of the Theater in Rushville.

On June 11, 1946, on muddy roads, Glen Denton drove Johnnie and Elaine to the Sheridan County courthouse in Rushville so they could be married. They spent the first few months of matrimony in Killeen, Texas, where Johnnie was stationed. When the Army shipped Johnnie off to Japan, Elaine returned to Nebraska.

One month after their first anniversary, Elaine welcomed her first daughter, Linda Elaine, and a short 11 months later Betty Jayne joined the family. When the blizzard of ‘49 hit, Elaine had two babies in diapers and a husband without tobacco in the house for many weeks to deal with. What a woman!

  March 1952 brought little Mary Lou along and in August 1958 Polly Ann arrives.

  Elaine loved baking and sewing and gardening. She was very frugal all of her life but often spoke about buying a case of "Hershey bars" with her sister Naomi on pay day during the war. She loved both coffee and chocolate.

  When there was a death or illness in her community, Elaine would bake and send meals to the grieving family. She bought gifts for every graduate and young couple who invited her to their special days.

After her last daughter started college, Elaine resumed her teaching career as an aid at the Extension School. She was able to teach the children of her former students and even her own grandchildren. She was so patient and encouraging.  One former student commented that Mrs. Talbot pretty much raised him and his siblings because their parents were never around.

A few months after Johnnie’s death in 2007, near the date of their 61st wedding anniversary, Elaine had a farm sale. On that date on the calendar Elaine wrote “sold our life today.”

Elaine moved to Pioneer Manor in 2008, when Parkinson’s disease made it difficult for her to stay in her home. She made many new friends and was reacquainted with old friends. She was an encourager and a comfort to many.

On Monday, September 26, Elaine breathed her last breath on this earth. She had a deep and devoted relationship with God and Jesus Christ her Savior.

She was preceded in death by most of her family members, and by her husband of 60 years, Johnnie Wallace Talbot; Granddaughters Christina Lee Branson Parr and Melanie Elaine Webb.

Remaining to rejoice and celebrate her life are Daughter, Linda and John Hotz of Rushville, Neb.; grandsons, John H. Hotz of Silver Spring, Md., Michael and Melanie Hotz of Cheyenne, Wyo.; granddaughter, Lyn and Ron Jendrysik of Millbury, Mass., along with their 3 daughters Emma, Ava, and Anabelle; Daughter, Betty Webb of Thornton, Colo.; granddaughter, Michelle and Michael Chavez of  Rancho Cordova, Calif. and their daughter Rylie and son Brady; great granddaughter, Serenity Jayne daughter of the late Melanie Elaine Webb; Daughter, Mary and Lee Branson of Chadron, Neb.; Grandson, Jeff and Jennifer Branson of Chadron, Neb. and their two sons Ayden and Braylon grandson; Laine Branson of Seattle, Wash.; Daughter, Polly and Roger McKay of Rushville, Neb.; grandson, Anthony Scott Kogan of Denver, Col.; Sister, Donna Jean Alcorn of Hay Springs, Neb. and sister-in-law, Ellen Madsen of New Underwood, S.D.

A memorial has been established. Donations may be sent to Chamberlain Chapel, PO Box 970, Chadron, NE  69337. Online condolences can be made at www.chamberlainchapel.com. Chamberlain Chapel of Chadron is in charge of arrangements.

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