Annika June Stockwell Curtis

Annika June, born on January 14, brought us 17 1/2 weeks of joy and anticipation. She made us mother, father, grandparents, aunt, and uncles. She had her dad’s nose and chin and her mom’s feet. We will miss her forever.

Her mother, Hope Stockwell, and father, Aubrey Curtis, thank everyone for their love and support. Annika is also survived by her grandparents Chris and Maggie Stockwell (Helena, Mont.) and Gayle Curtis (Townsend, Mont.), uncle Will Stockwell (San Francisco), aunt Niki Scoffield and uncle Eric Thomson (Las Vegas), and many cousins, and great -aunts, -uncles, and -grandparents.

We take comfort that Annika is with her grandfather Bob Curtis, great-grandmother June Stockwell, other family, friends, and Hope’s big dog, Griz, until we see her again.

Her Grandpa Chris heard this message as Annika was born. “I had a great life, if short. It was a challenge though, I earned my way. Tell Mom and Dad thanks. I will be yours forever. I am here. Celebrate me with each heartbeat.”

Editor’s note: Hope Stockwell, Chris and Maggie Stockwell lived in Gordon from 1984–1997.

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