G-R Jr Wrestlers host home tournament

By Aleisha Bragg

On March 10 the Gordon-Rushville Jr. Wrestlers hosted their home tournament. We had a little bit of a rough start. The weather brought some cancellations, but once it got started, we had about 200+ wrestlers. There were photos in last week’s paper of the junior wrestlers. There were 60 from our club alone! 

The results are as follows: Kyler Vincent - 1st; Kaden Vincent - 2nd; Harley Bayne - 2nd; Hayden Hoos - 1st; Robert Reina - 3rd; Tegan Snyder - 1st; Blake Henry - 1st; Riley Snyder - 2nd; Jaxon Kearns - 1st; Keenan Schwarting - 1st; Carter Anderson - 3rd; Tanner Peppel - 4th; Trevor Peppel - 2nd; Jhett Knight - 5th; Dakota Wesley - 1st; Isaac Wesley - 3rd; Harvey Wesley - 5th; Ethan Sones - 4th; Chase Rundback - 3rd; Jace Rawles - 1st; Lain Tausan - 3rd; Trevyn Younkin - 2nd; Clark Orr - 3rd; Justyn Janssen - 4th; Colton Archibald - 1st; Darin Archibald - 4th; Matt Hood - 1st; Caleb Heck 3rd; Wyatt Feddersen - 3rd; Jackson Fair - 3rd; Bronson Freeseman - 3rd; Tucker Banister - 2nd; Tommy Bragg - 5th; Broc Black Calf - 4th; Owen Braun - 3rd; Drake Brewer - 3rd; Hunter Brewer - 1st; Beau Child - 4th; Quin Child - 2nd; Jesse Deines - 5th; Conner Halverson - 1st; Braxton Hathorn - 3rd; Brayton Hathorn - 1st; Damian Holeman - 3rd; Eli Hunter - 1st; Tristan Johnson - 3rd;Sage Krebs -1st; JD Morris - 4th; Carden Packett - 1st; Rylan Packett - 5th; Curtis Rittgarn - 1st; Nathan Sager - 1st; Zayne Sasse-Dennis - 3rd; Peyton Sharp - 4th; Logan Slama - 3rd; Traiton Starr - 2nd; Trendon Starr - 4th; Thai Taylor - 1st; Atreyu Thornsen - 2nd; Landon Zlomke - 4th. 

Congratulations G-R Jr Wrestlers!!

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