Jr. Mustangs wrap up season with a win and a loss

By Coach Randy Hurlburt

The Middle School Mustangs Football Team traveled to Chadron on Saturday, October 19 to take on the Cardinals.  The 7th grade started the day on defense.  They, once again, played a very aggressive defense and shut the Cardinals down to force a punt.  The Mustangs offense marched the ball down the field and scored to take an 8 – 0 lead.  The first half was all Mustangs as the defense was stingy and the offense was rolling.  The first half ended with the Mustangs up 38 to 0.  In the second half, the Mustangs used many different running backs and a few new linemen.  The game ended with the Mustangs on top 44 to 0.  The seventh grade won every game they played this season and never gave up a point on defense.  Congratulations and good luck next year.

The 8th grade played next.  They scored first to take an early 8 to 0 lead.  After a missed assignment on defense, the Cardinals tied the game 8 to 8.  This was a very hard-hitting game in the first half.  It was hard for both teams to score and the half ended in an 8 to 8 tie.  The Mustangs came out in the third quarter and marched the ball down the field to take a 14 to 8 lead.  Once again, it didn’t take the Cardinals long to score also, and the game became tied 14 to 14.  The Mustang offense stalled after that and didn’t score again.  The Cardinal’s offense got rolling and put up three more touchdowns to win the game.  The final score was Cardinals 30, Mustangs 14.  This ends the 8th grade Middle School Football career.  Good Luck next year as Freshmen.

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