Forty-two G-R Jr wrestlers compete at Hay Springs

March 17 found Hay Springs hosting their Jr Wrestling Tournament.

The Gordon-Rushville Club sent 42 wrestlers. They competed very well and here are the results: Curtis Rittgarn - 1st; Noah Gallant - 1st; Sam Gallant - 3rd; Damian Holeman - 3rd; Sage Krebs - 1st; Lane Malmberg - 1st; Michael Orthman - 1st; Colton Archibald - 1st; Darin Archibald - 2nd; Rylan Packett - 2nd; Carden Packett - 3rd; Braxton Hathorn - 3rd; Braydon Hathorn - 1st; Conner Halverson - 1st; Jace Freeseman - 1st; Bronson Freeseman - 1st ; Broc Black Calf - 3rd; Atreyu Thorsen - 2nd; Trevor Peppel - 1st; Tanner Peppel - 3rd; Tristan Peppel - 3rd; Caleb Heck - 4th; Clark Orr - 3rd; Robert Reina - 2nd; Kobe Schwarting - 1st; Keenan Schwarting - 1st; Ryley Snyder - 3rd; Tegan Snyder - 2nd; Carter Anderson - 1st; Gage Mintken - 4th; Jace Rawles - 1st; Michael Tiensvold - 2nd; Joey Greenamyre - 3rd; Clay Greenamyre - 4th; Denis Mulcahy - 4th; Brianna Lovell - 4th; Harley Bayne - 2nd; Andrew Higgins - 3rd; Matt Hood - 2nd; Blake Henry - 1st; Kyler Vincent - 2nd; Hayden Hoos - 2nd. Good job on wrestling well!

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