Mustangs wrestle at WTC, Ogallala duals

By Mark Gaschler

The Mustangs went to the Western Trail Conference tournament on Wednesday.

In the 106 weight class, Quin Child fell to Sidney’s Kaden Vowers in 0:33 in the first round, and Michael Tiensvold fell to Hemingford’s Cooper Weber in 0:25. In round two Child fell to Bayard’s Mckibbin in 3:32, Tiensvold to Mitchell’s Justin Spencer in 0:48. In the third round Child pinned Mitchell’s David Miller in 0:42, and Tiensvold fell to Bridgeport’s Paul Brown in 0:48. Child took fifth place after pinning Spencer in 0:44.

In the 113 weight class Darin Archibald fell to Hemingford’s Miles Davis in 0:26. He fell to Sidney’s Colton Peckham in 1:00, and pinned Mitchell’s Elysha Foster in 1:28. He lost the fifth place match to Bridgeport’s Ronnie Brown after falling in 0:27.

In the 132 class Blake Henry pinned Hemingford’s Connor Swanson in 3:59, and Caleb Hilliker fell to Mitchell’s William Swanson in 1:54. Blake then pinned Bridgeport’s Auston Conley in 2:00, and beat Bayard’s Robert Niezwaag in a 4-1 decision. Hilliker fell to Kimball’s Justin Mohr in 1:41. His match with Sidney’s Bret Jaggers was canceled due to injury. Blake took second place after losing to Mitchell’s William Swanson in a 1-6 decision.

In the 138 class Justin Hilliker pinned Kimball’s Logan Stahla in 3:05 and Kenneth Wollens fell to Bridgeport’s Joe Weibert in 0:18. Hilliker beat Bayard’s Lucas Jones in a 4-2 decision and fell to Sidney’s Derek Robb in 1:17. Wollens pinned Mitchell’s Marcus Carrillo in 3:05 and beat Hemingford’s Gavin Kersley by 12-10. Hilliker pinned Wollens in 1:14 in the third place match.

In the 145 class Zane Hamilton Harris fell to Bayard’s Dalton Harter in 3:25 and Wrangler Youel fell to Bridgeport’s Todd Widener in 4:00. Harris beat Bridgeport’s Logan Coalson in a 3-2 decision and fell to Sidney’s Michael Muggli in 3:14. Youel fell to Mitchell’s Cody Mueller in 3:06 and lost to Banner County’s Garrett Grubbs in a 7-5 decision. Youel beat Harris in a 7-1 decision in the fifth place match.

In the 152 weight class Shane Child pinned Sidney’s Tyler King in 1:47. Child pinned Hemingford’s Tarin Jespersen in 5:31 and beat Sidney’s Coby Haas by 10-9. He fell to Bridgeport’s Lawrence Schneider in 0:59.

In the 160 class Micah Scherbarth beat Bayard’s Malachi Belford by 16-2. He pinned Mitchell’s Ephraim Blanco in 4:48, Sidney’s Zach Borges in 4:41, and Morrill’s Garrett Zwiebel in 4:27.

In the 195 class Tristan Tuma got a bye in the first round. He pinned Bayard’s Alex Wamboldt in 5:34 and Sidney’s Brandon Lulf in 2:56. Tuma beat Mitchell’s Garrett Sterkel in a 7-0 decision to take first place.

The Mustangs went to Ogallala on Saturday to compete in duals with Chase County, Ogallala, Sidney, Gothenburg, and Wray, Co.

Against Chase County, Logan Belskey pinned Colton Burpo in 3:15. Wrangler Youel fell to Bryson Fisher in 0:51 and Shane Child fell to Jorge Cervantes in 2:35. Tristan Tuma pinned Aaron Hinojosa in 1:48.

Against Ogallala, Quin Child beat Christian Gilchriest by 15-0. Slayde Denton fell to Tyler Kreutzer in 1:29, Logan Belskey pinned Brandon Bush in 3:41, and Justin Hilliker fell to Chris Gallegos in 3:33. Wrangler Youel beat Carson Keller by 5-0, and Micah Scherbarth pinned Logan Hansmeier in 0:43.

Against Sydney, Quinn Child fell to Kaden Vowers in 5:17, Darin Archibald fell to Colton Peckham in 5:18, and Slayde Denton fell to Devon Schilz in 1:56. Logan Belskey pinned Jack Feddersen in 3:14, and Hilliker fell to Derek Robb in 1:42. Youel fell to Michael Muggli in 0:53, Shane Child fell to Coby Haas in 1:56, Scherbarth lost to Zach Borges in a 4-5 decision, and  Tuma pinned Brandon Lulf in 1:51.

Against Wray, Co. Quin Child pinned Justin Flores in 3:40, Archibald fell to Anthony Workman in 1:26, and Denton fell to Logan Schaffner in 1:47. Logan Belskey fell to Jake Rockwell in 1:51, Scherbarth pinned Jayce Reser in 1:43, and Tuma pinned Ceasar Escamilla-Perez in 0:45.

Against Gothenburg Quin Child lost to Noah Larson by 6-23, Archibald fell to Trevor Holley in 5:31, and Denton fell to Bryce Larson in 2:49. Belskey lost to Tyler Alvarez 1-2, Hilliker lost to Austin Kort 7-9, Shane Child fell to Jayden Miller in 0:51, and Scherbarth pinned Hunter Will in 1:16.

In totals, Gordon-Rushville beat Chase County with a 36-24 score, Ogallala by 38-36, and tied with Wray 36-36. Gordon-Rushville lost to Sidney 12-69 and Gothenberg 53-12.

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