Hay springs football wins first 6-man game

By Lauren O’Brien

The Hay Springs Hawks football team competed against Sioux County for their first game in the 6-man league.

The coaching staff told the players how last year’s record does not influence the success they can achieve this season. 

Both teams made errors in the first half. The Hawks struggled with the Warrior’s tempo and offense. During the second half, Coach Josh Borm wrote, “we executed much better and ultimately made fewer mistakes than the Warriors.” 

Another strength for the Hawks is the team’s depth. The coaches can substitute players more often than the Warriors, which kept the team competing at a high level.

Despite being down 27-34 at halftime, the players came back out and played each down with a desire to win. “In the past, Hay Springs teams may have folded or ‘thrown in the towel,’” said Borm. The Hawks defeated the Warriors 60-34.

The team struggled with turnovers and penalties, but Borm hopes the jitters of playing as a 6-man team will not effect their game.

The Hawks next game is against South Platte in Big Springs, Neb. on Sept. 2 at 6:30 p.m. South Platte had a 6-man debut during their Friday game against Minatare.

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