Results of the Junior Rodeo

PeeWee Stick Horse Barrels: Austin Lambert, 3.2; Toby Berndt, 3.4; Daniel Young, 3.6.

PeeWee Stick Horse Broncs: Bronson Freeseman, 95; Austin Lambert, 93; Toby Berndt, 85; Daniel Young, 83.

Boot Toss: Bronson Freeseman, Daniel Young, Toby Berndt, Austin Lambert.

Jr. Girls

Barrels: Shawna Shadbolt, 35.78; Sadee Adamson, 55.69; Sevanna Berndt, 0 (no time).

Poles: Shawna Shadbolt, 42.39; Sevanna Berndt, 0 (no time).

Goat tail snatch: Shawna Shadbolt, 16.3; Sevanna Berndt, 25.9.

All Around: Shawna Shadbolt. Runner-Up All Around: Sadee Adamson/Sevanna Berndt (tie).

Jr. Boys

Barrels: Carter Anderson, 25.12; Trey Hand, 33.54.

Poles: Trey Hand, 43.8; Carter Anderson, 0 (no time).

Goat tail snatch: Carter Anderson, 10.4; Thomas Goold, 20.0; Trey Hand, 22.4.

Intermediate Girls

Poles: Keisha Rayhill, 24.5; Dali O’Neill, 26.7; Alice Budd, 29.8; Josie Shadbolt, 31.6.

Barrels: Morgan Darnell, 17.19; Josie Shadbolt, 19.03; Blair Henry, 20.28; Keisha Rayhill, 21.00.

Goat Tail Tying: Morgan Darnell, 10.5; Keisha Rayhill, 17.4; Lauren Knab, 23.8; Blair Henry, 25.5.

Flag Race: Morgan Darnell, 10.6; Josie Shadbolt, 18.6.

Break Away Calf Roping: Morgan Darnell, 5.4.

All Around: Morgan Darnell. Runner-Up All Around: Josie Shadbolt.

Intermediate Boys

Poles: Blake Henry, 26.8.

Barrels: Blake Henry, 21.4.

Goat Tail Tying: Blake Henry, 13.8; Clay Shields, 35.9; Jade Byrne, 37.8.

Flag Race: Tyler Byrne, 12.3; Jade Byrne, 13.4; Blake Henry, 13.5; Clay Shields, 18.1.

Break Away Calf Roping: Blake Henry, 6.9.

Chute Dogging: Blake Henry, 14.7.

Goat Tying: Tyler Byrne, 17.4; Caleb Hilliker, 20.8.

All Around: Blake Henry. Runner-Up All Around: Jade Byrne.

Senior Girls

Barrels: Brook Jamison, 17.15; Cayla Melby, 17.41; Robin Ferguson, 18.66; Karissa Rayhill.

Poles: Cayla Melby, 21.6; Brook Jamison, 22.8; Karissa Rayhill, 24.3; Tanner O’Neill, 26.4.

Goat Tying: Karissa Rayhill, 9.3; Cayla Melby, 9.5; Jessica Bragg, 13.5; Brook Jamison, 14.0.

Flag Race: Jordan Shadbolt, 13.2; Jama Bourne, 15.3; Kasey Kruger, 16.0.

Break Away Calf Roping: Cati Stanko, 3.1.

All Around: Cayla Melby. Runner-Up All Around: Brook Jamison.

Senior Boys

Barrels: Jake August, 22.44; Kasey Miller, 27.03.

Poles: Jake August, 30.2; Kasey Miller, 33.6.

Goat Tying: Cody Darnell, 10.0; Tyler Byrne, 17.4; Trevor Ginkens, 20.3; JJ Hilliker, 28.4.

Flag Race: Cody Darnell, 12.3; Jebb Ginkens, 13.6; Kasey Miller, 16.1.

Breakaway Calf Roping: Colton Melby, 3.2; Trevor Ginkens, 19.4; Dalton Walkow, 29.3.

Calf Roping: Cody Darnell, 26.6.

Chute Dogging: Colton Melby, 3.3; Trevor Ginkens, 5.0.

Team Roping: Cody Darnell and Morgan Darnell, 8.6; Colton Melby and Cayla Melby, 10.4; Brook Jamison and Cody Darnell, 13.8; Cati Stanko and Cayla Melby, 14.5.

All Around: Cody Darnell. Runner-Up All Around: Colton Melby.

Steer Riding: Lyle Dillon, 76; Miles Dillon, 74; Cole Puckett, 66.

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