Sheridan County Fair Open Rodeo results

This year’s open rodeo proved to be just as exciting as ever, complete with horizontal rain and lighting during Friday night’s performance, and scorching heat on Saturday. Mother nature didn’t slow the competitors down a bit as the barrel racers, team ropers and bull riders competed in the high winds and heavy rain Friday, and the crews in the arena weathered it right with them.
Results of the rodeo are in the format: place, score/time, winnings.
There were a total of nine bareback riders. In a three-way tie for first with 73 points were: Ty Kenner, Corey Evans, and Kenny Feidler each earning $462. Fourth was Joe Wilson with 68 points, earning $154.
Steer Wrestling(48 entries): 1st Tate Thompson, 4.7 seconds, $1,125.20; 2nd Rowdy Benson, 4.8 seconds, $931.20; 3rd Tyson Cox, 4.9 seconds, $737.20; 4th Brett Wilcox, 5.1 seconds, $543.20; 5th Jace Melvin, 5.2 seconds, $349.20; Trevor Haake, 5.4 seconds, $194.00.
Breakaway Roping(44 entries): 1st Cati Stanko, 2.4 seconds, $910.60; tied for 2nd were: Bailey Peterson and Danni Jo Hinman, 2.6 seconds, $675.10; in a six-way tie for 4th were: Lori Tierney, Jordan Thurston, Courtney Simonton, Misti Eklund, Whitney O’Rourke, Jill Edelman, 2.7 seconds, $146.53.
Saddle Broncs(19 entries):  tied for first were: Ty Kenner and Will Shaffer, 77 points, $567.10; 3rd Whit Peterson, 74 points, $406.60; 4th Derek Kenner, 73 points, $299.60; 5th Lane Stirling, 72 points, $192.60; 6th Chet Smith, 69 points, $107.00.
Calf Roping(29 entries): 1st Jay Hollenbeck, 9.8 seconds, $794.60; 2nd Cole Robinson, 10 seconds, $650.60; 3rd Trevor Hupp, 10.7 seconds, $520.60; 4th Jeff Cover, 11.9 seconds, $383.60; tied for 5th were David Hinman and Matt Elliott, 12.0 seconds, $191.80.
Barrel Racing(28 entries): 1st D’ann Gehlsen, 17.783 seconds, $777.20; 2nd Deena Grieves, 17.992 seconds, $643.20; 3rd Gale Beebe, 18.093 seconds, $509.20; 4th Shanna Anderson, 18.094 seconds, $375.20; 5th Tiffany Browder, 18.128 seconds, $241.20; 6th Krista Graff, 18.212 seconds, $134.00.
Team Roping(54 entries): 1st Reece Weber and Ed Minor, 5.0 seconds, $1,020.80; 2nd Jake Nelson and Jeff Nelson, 5.5 seconds, $844.80; 3rd Brady Allison and Burk Knight, 7.4 seconds, $668.80; 4th Jeff Cover and Matt Cover, 7.5 seconds, $492.80; 5th Jerry Buckles and Mark Swanson, 7.7 seconds, $316.80; 6th AJ Benn and Terry Fischer, 7.9 seconds, $176.00.
Bull Riding(13 entries): 1st Kasey Spang, 82 points, $516.20; 2nd Dakota Seymour, 80 points, $427.20; 3rd Kenny Wright, 76 points, $338.20; 4th Neil Muscat, 75 points, $249.20; 5th Casey Fredericks, 74 points, $160.20; 6th Dewey O’Dea, 67 points, $89.00.

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