Lady Mustangs fall short at Mitchell Tournament

By Daneta Turnbull
Do you ever have one of those days when absolutely nothing you do goes your way or is right? Well that is definitely how the Mitchell Volleyball Tournament on Saturday went for the JV and Varsity Lady Mustangs. At both levels things just didn’t click in the right direction and neither team came away with a victory. The JV team lost to Chadron, Morrill and Hemingford.
In varsity action the Lady Mustangs started their morning off with Chadron. Coming into the tournament Chadron had a record of 11-0 and was rated 5th in the state. This was the 2nd time the Cardinals and Mustangs had met in 10 days and that is always hard, regardless of the team or their record. “Saturday was a rough day,” Coach Campbell said. “We definitely had the jet-lag from the busy week and Homecoming Dance the night before, but as I told the girls, we can’t use it as an excuse. We had a job to get done and we fell short. Chadron is a good team that runs a fast paced offense. You have to react and move quickly to keep up with that type of an offense and then you have to execute on your side to try to get them out of system. We serve received much better this game; however we didn’t finish on the hitting end. We had A LOT of hits go out of bounds in this game. We have to finish to give ourselves a shot.” Another bright spot in the Chadron game was only 1 missed serve, an aspect of the game that the girls have really been working on. Gordon-Rushville lost in 2 sets with scores of 9-25 and 13-25. Unofficial stats for this game:
Digs: Sones 2/3, Hoagland 1/2, Marlatt 4/6, Jacobson 0/1, Roth 3/6, Hinn 6/9
Serving: Sones 3/3, Hoagland 6/6 1A, Marlatt1/2, Jacobson 4/4, Roth 6/8 1A
Kills: Sones 2/5, Jacobson 3/4, Hoagland8/8, Marlatt 6/13 2K, Roth 8/13 1K, Campbell 1/2, Mulcahy 2/4
Blocks: None
Serve Receive: Marlatt 15/18, Jacobson 0/1, Roth 6/7, Hinn 10/11, Sahr 2/2
Assists: Sones 1, Jacobson 2
The second game of the day was against Morrill, the only team at the tournament that the Mustangs had not seen or played yet this year. Volleyball is such a game of momentum, and when nothing falls your way with long rallies or close calls, that momentum can change in a hurry. Coach Campbell commented, “In the Morrill game we blew an early large lead in game one, only to let them come back and win 25-23. Then we turned around and put a full set together and won 25-14. We were plagued again in Set 3 with out of bound hits and lost set 3 by a score of 22-25. We were a step behind defensively and lacked coverage. I have reminded the girls that we have a very large target on our backs due to the success we have had through the years in WTC. Every team in that conference that we play is going to give us their best game because it means a lot to them to take one from us. We just can’t back down at anytime no matter how big the lead. We have to push to the end.” Unofficial stats:
Assists: Sones 48/55 15A, Jacobson 42/45 7A
Kills: Sones 5/9 2K, Jacobson 4/5 1K, Hoagland 16/17 7K, Marlatt 20/29 7K, Roth 16/21 5K, Campbell 6/8, Mulcahy 2/2
Digs: Sones 2/3, Hoagland 1/2, Marlatt 10/14, Jacobson 6/8, Roth 2/5, Hinn 12/14, Mulcahy 2/5, Sahr 2/6
Blocks: Hoagland 1, Marlatt 2, Campbell 1, Jacobson 1
Serve Receive: Sones 1/1, Hoagland 4/5, Marlatt 8/12, Roth 7/8, Hinn 9/9, Mulcahy 2/4, Sahr 10/12
Serving: Sones 17/17 1A, Hoagland 9/11 1A, Marlatt 13/13 3A, Jacobson 8/8, Roth 10/11 1A, Mulcahy 1/1
Game 3 of the day had the Lady Mustangs up against the Lady Bobcats from Hemingford. “The Hemingford game was a lot like the Morrill game,” Coach Campbell said. “We lost the first set with a very close score. Won the second set big. Then lost the third set in a tight set 29-27. The girls know what they are capable of. It’s having the mental toughness to do it from start to finish now that they have to overcome. Proof of that is the fact that in set 3 we were down by 5 towards the end and they came back and made a game out of it. We really have to work on our Mental Toughness right now. They know how to move their feet, they know how to cover, they know how to serve, they know how to hit, they have been given the tools, and they show at times that they know exactly what they can and should’s now just having the mental toughness, and focus to discipline themselves to do it a whole set and game.” One big killer in the 3rd set was 3 missed serves in a row at a very crucial time. In the end they lost to Hemingford in 3 with scores of 23-25, 25-18 and 27-29. This was a heartbreaker game. Unofficial stats;
Kills: Sones 8/11 2K, Campbell 5/6 2K, Roth 17/19 5K, Jacobson 8/9 4K, Marlatt 26/33 10K, Sahr 3/3
Assists: Sones 18, Roth 1, Jacobson 12, Hinn 3
Serving: Sones 16/16 3A, Roth 11/11 2A, Hoagland 14/1 1A, Jacobson 13/14 1A, Marlatt 5/8 1A, Hinn 7/8 1A
Digs: Sones 4/6, Campbell 1/3, Roth 12/16, Hoagland 2/4, Jacobson 2/3, Marlatt 4/6, Hinn 19/23, Sahr 7/11
Blocks: Campbell 2, Roth 2, Marlatt 4
“It was a disappointing day,” Coach Campbell said. “I felt it, the kids felt it, and I know the parents and fans felt it. What we have to do now is all get out a mirror and look in it and figure out what each one of us can do to make it better, not worse, before we look at anyone else! That’s what I love about this group of girls... they know it takes all of us to work together to fix it, and it’s all things that we can work on to fix. Keep supporting us because we need ya!”

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