Lady Mustangs win homecoming matchup

By Daneta Turnbull
Can you say FUN NIGHT? The Lady Mustangs arrived at the Gordon-Rushville gym Thursday evening ready to play their Homecoming Volleyball game. The boys look forward to their football game during Homecoming week and the girls look forward to their volleyball game. The C team and JV team started the evening off on the right track by winning each of their games in 2 sets. The C team won their sets with scores of 25-23 and 25-16 and then the JV won theirs with scores of 25-12 and 25-10. The C team members and the JV members are working hard, under the direction of Coach Lovell, to develop the skills they need to move onto the next level of competition.
This was also Parent’s Night for the volleyball team so following the C and JV action the names of the girls and their parents were read and girls acknowledged their parents with a flower for mom and some goodie for dad. Coach Campbell then presented the Senior girls with the traditional orange and blue Mustang pillow that she makes for each of them as a thank you for their years of dedication to the volleyball program.
If you were not in attendance at the volleyball game you missed a wonderful performance of the National Anthem by the Gordon-Rushville football team, under the direction of Ryan Lovell. Not only can these boys play football but they can really sing and they certainly showed honor to our country’s flag and our freedom with their vocal presentation. Then they moved to the other side of the gym and led the student body in some fantastic school spirit for the remainder of the evening.
All aspects of the Mustang Varsity game were on track and firing on all cylinders Thursday night. In set 1, and tied 4-4, the Mustangs took control and never looked back. With side out point 14, Brandi Roth stepped up and served the next 8 points, 7 of which were aces. The Mustangs won Set 1 with a score of 25-14.
In Set 2 Morgan Sones served the first 5 points, with 1 being an ace. Brandi Roth had 2 more ace serves in this set and Denie Jacobson had 4 ace serves. Brittany Hoagland, Sara Marlatt and Dani Campbell all had their kill ‘A’ game on for the whole evening and virtually nothing was getting past Cirsten Hinn when it came to digging and passing. Mustangs win Set 2 by a score of 25-13.
Set 3 was total dominance by the Lady Mustangs. They allowed Crawford to only score 9 points and only 2 of those were earned points, the other 7 were side out points. With that few points you know there was some great serving, offense and defense happening on the other side of the net, and indeed the Lady Mustangs were still using their ‘A’ game. While the evening still the Lady Mustangs missing 9 serves, set 3 saw only 1 missed serve. Morgan Sones had 1 ace, Brittany Hoagland had an ace serve and then Sara Marlatt served 9 straight points, 6 of which were aces. The ladies did indeed dominant this set with a final score of 25-9. “It was a fun night,” Coach Campbell said. “The girls were full of energy. We have been spending a lot of time in practice working on footwork, movement, and staying low. They did a much better job of those things in this game and our passing showed large improvement. We still have some work to do but they are showing forward progress! On the down side we are still missing too many serves. We need to serve aggressively but more importantly we need to focus and serve the ball over and in. The timing between our setters and our hitters was a solid point and the hitters did a good job of keeping the ball in play.” This was a fun evening for this group of hard working young ladies. There were lots of giggles and smiles throughout the game. They were having fun and they capped the evening off by giving Coach Campbell her 300th victory as the head volleyball coach at Gordon, Gordon-Rushville High School. The girls presented their Coach with a signed volleyball in honor of that milestone and Activities Director, Matt Stetson, presented Coach Campbell with a plaque in recognition of her 300th victory. Coach Campbell had this to say about this coaching milestone, “It’s a great milestone to achieve, it’s that “pat on the back” for lots of hard work that we don’t have to have but it sure is nice every now and then to get! And this group helped make it special and memorable. It was also very nice for our school to do something special and recognize it, which meant a lot to me. There are a lot of girls that shared in this achievement over the years! I have been very lucky to work with some great athletes and great kids. Not to mention I have been fortunate to have good assistants along the way! It sure helps to have coachable kids that are willing to work very hard. I have had several of those types of kids over the past 15 years! A supportive community of parents sure helps too! So to all of the former Bronc volleyball players, the former and current Mustang volleyball players....I say Thank You for your hard work!! To those in the community that have been supportive I also say Thank You because you have contributed to the success WE have had here as well.”
Congratulations Lady Mustangs on your Homecoming Volleyball win and also to Coach Campbell on your 300th victory.
Unofficial stats for this game are as follows:
Assists: D. Jacobson 6, Sones 7. Kills: Sones 2/4 2 kills, Jacobson 4/6 2K, Hoagland 13/13 4K, Marlatt 17/19 8k, Roth 12/14 2K, Campbell 6/8, Mulcahy 3/5 1K. Serves: Sones 10/14 2A, Hoagland 8/9 1A, Marlatt 11/14 7A, Jacobson 12/12 2A, Roth 12/13 6A, Hinn 5/5. Block Aces: Sones 1, Hoagland 1, Marlatt 3, Campbell 2. Serve Receive: Sones 1/1, Hoagland 3/3, Marlatt 18/19, Roth 7/7, Hinn 11/11, Mulcahy 2/4.

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