GR Volleyball camp has great attendance

On November 3, Coach Campbell, Coach Lovell and the Mustang Volleyball Team held a Mustang Volley-Girls Volleyball Camp. The Camp was held at the GRHS High School Gym and was open to all girls grades 3-8. The purpose of the camp was to introduce the girls to the correct fundamentals of the key skills used in volleyball, and to introduce them to the footwork and the importance of correct footwork. 

Coach Campbell was very pleased with the turn out for the camp, “We had a great group of 46 girls show up for the camp! It was awesome! Sixteen of our nineteen high school girls gave up all or part of their Saturday to come up and work the camp. It was so fun to see the high school girls working with the younger girls. They really did a great job! The younger girls seemed to really enjoy interacting with them as well.”

“Our hopes for this camp was to give the girls a very inexpensive opportunity to get in here and start becoming more familiar with the sport of volleyball at an earlier age. Girls down east are starting club ball and intramural volleyball teams at this age, and if we want to keep up, we have to get our kids exposed at a much younger age. We also have to get the correct skills formed earlier so that they are coming into junior high and high school volleyball with correct habits, not habits that are really hard to break by the time we see them. 

Our other hope is that by offering this camp it will get them excited and help with our attendance at summer camps. The past two summers we have had a coach from the Lincoln area come in to do a camp, and we have had 17 from this age group show up for the camp. So hopefully we can spark some excitement and get more kids to show up at summer camps too. 

We also have some plans in the works for an intramural league this spring, so we will continue working on that, and get more information out this spring.”

Girls attending the camp were also given the opportunity to sign up for “Volley-Girls”. Volley-Girls is a program Coach Campbell implemented with her high school girls and the elementary school girls several years ago; and now would like to re-start. Each girl that signs up will be matched with a high school volleyball player. It is a lot like a “big sister-little sister” type program. The girls will get together from time to time to do something fun, make calls to each other, and form a relationship. The high school girls will check in with the younger girls and see how school is going, remind them about sporting events, encourage them to get involved in activities, and just hopefully be someone that younger girl can look up to. The program is basically free and all elementary girls in the school district are invited to join. If you would like more information, email Coach Campbell at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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