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C.A.R.E. Poker Run 2012

Saturday, July 7 was a beautiful day for a Poker Run.  The Run was organized by Marty Palmer, Dale Ruleau and Casey Walton, with all proceeds going to C.A.R.E. (Cancer, Awareness, Resources & Expense-benefitting Sheridan County cancer patients). Registration began at 12:00 p.m. at Yoba’s Tavern in Rushville. The Run proceeded to Chadron, Crawford, Ardmore, Hot Springs and finished up at the Sand Ridge Golf Club House in Rushville. A 5-card poker hand was dealt at the final destination.  The


O’Donnell auditions for “The Voice”

By Ang Gilchrist
Cynthia O’Donnell of Rushville is no stranger to the music scene. She has been seen and heard on stages throughout Nebraska for several years, including her winning duet during the True Value Country Showdown held in Chadron last year.  Anyone that has attended  karaoke nights in  Rushville has probably had the pleasure of listening to O’Donnell’s beautiful voice, as she and her husband, Joe, own and operate their own karaoke business.
O’Donnell just returned from a weekend trip


Treating forage with ammonia is one feed option for producers during drought

By Tom Holman, Extension Educator; Gary Hergert, Soil/Nutrient Management Specialist; Aaron Berger, Extension Educator UNL Extension
The heat and drought have caused cattle producers to look for methods of adjusting to local conditions. Many who don’t want the expense of additional feeds are considering early weaning and selling replacement heifers. However, an alternative may be ammonia treatment of low quality forages.
For wheat producers who choose to bale their straw, this provides an


No Till Notes

“Thank You”

By Mark Watson, Panhandle No-Till Educator
I would like to thank everyone who supported and attended our Panhandle No Till Partnership field days this past week. I always enjoy touring the region and visiting with other producers about the challenges and rewards of producing crops and forages in our area.  
This year’s field days focused on forage and crop production using no till production practices. We covered a wide range of topics concerning cropping rotations and forage


True Heroism Valued By Americans

By Senator Ben Nelson                 
Lost in the flurry of recent major Supreme Court decisions on health care and immigration was a ruling that overturned a law I co-sponsored to make sure that true heroism by our military men and women is not trumped by those who try to pass themselves off as war heroes but in reality are not.
Americans hold our military heroes in high regard.  We recognize their courage, honor, and sacrifice with special medals that are reserved for those who willingly


2012 State 4-H Horse Exposition at Fonner State Park

 LINCOLN, Neb. -- Representing more than 70 counties across Nebraska, 414 youth riders will gather in Grand Island, Neb., from July 15-19 to compete in the 2012 Fonner State Park State 4-H Horse Exposition.
 4-H'ers who earned blue and purple ribbons at one of Nebraska's six district 4-H horse shows are qualified to compete in their specific events. Members enrolled in the 4-H horse project who did not qualify at the district level may still enter the showmanship and halter competitions at the


Sheridan County mosquito tests positive for West Nile Virus - Residents urged to use caution outdoors

A mosquito pool from Sheridan County has recently tested positive for West Nile Virus. “Finding the virus in mosquito's gives public health officials an indication of the level of virus in the area and the risk to human beings of contracting the disease,” said Tabi Prochazka, Environmental Health Coordinator for Panhandle Public Health District.

Prochazka encourages everyone to follow these simple precautions to protect themselves and their families.

  • Use a mosquito repellant that contains


Certainty Encourages Economic Growth

The U.S. economy added just 80,000 jobs in June and the national unemployment rate remained above 8 percent for the 41st consecutive month.  With millions of Americans out of work or underemployed, it is the latest indication the President’s policies of massive deficit spending, increased federal regulation and calling for added taxes on America’s small businesses are failing to create economic growth.
Part of the problem is the amount of tax and regulatory uncertainty facing job creators as


Don’t lose your cool - hot weather tips for those traveling by car

With warm weather temperatures upon us, AAA reminds motorists to always carry a small cooler in your vehicle with bottles of cold water.  Vehicle breakdowns frequently occur when temperatures are near triple-digits.  Tire blowouts, ruptured hoses, overheated engines and broken fan belts are just some of the common problems that occur.  If you frequently leave your vehicle parked in direct sunlight, use a protective windshield sun shade.  It will help keep the front seat, steering wheel, and

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